How Do We Do It?

Communication, transparency and intellectual rigor are essential to everything we do. This strategic triad is at the core of our business practices within our firm. It doesn’t matter the size of the client portfolio, our communication practices, commitment to transparency and continued growth of intellectual rigor within our team is paramount to every client portfolio we touch.

Not only do we conduct regular portfolio performance reviews with our clients and provide highly detailed quarterly account statements throughout the year, but we’ve also put programs in place for our clients to communicate better changes in their investments as market changes dictate. We want our clients always to be able to take advantage of positive market changes and utilize discretionary asset management practices to enhance these opportunities. For those clients preferring a non-discretionary asset management style of investment management, we also utilize the most efficient and preferred mode of communication when up against market-driven deadlines.

Within our core business practices, we believe by combining better investment solutions with a more holistic approach to providing unsurpassed client service; our clients realize we are their trusted wealth advisors who consistently provide a consistent and steady commitment to helping them achieve their financial goals.

We accomplish this by:

Better Investment Solutions

  • We provide better investment solutions by gaining an intimate and iterative comprehension of our clients’ investment goals and risk protection requirements.
  • Our team has an unwavering dedication to delivering investment recommendations tailored to fit our clients’ individual and business needs.
  • Our financial planning professionals regularly conduct independent and rigorous team reviews of our clients’ portfolios and rebalance them, as necessary, to provide the best possible outcomes for our customers’ goals.
  • We deliver appropriate recommendations that achieve our clients’ personal investment objectives.
  • We are nimble with a responsive attitude and always respect the time sensitivity of our clients’ needs.
  • All investment recommendations are carefully analyzed to meet or exceed clients’ risk threshold, demographics, lifestyle and other relevant criteria.
  • Our team of financial professionals have a passion for treating all of our clients like family members at the same time maintaining a track record of exceeding expectations for our client’s results. “From Day One, there are no surprises!” is a team mantra within our firm.

More Holistic Approach

  • Everyone within our firm maintains a seamless and flawless collaboration between our clients and their external partners (attorneys, bankers, accountants, pension plan administrators, etc.) to encourage a more holistic approach to achieving their financial goals, and ultimately, their financial security.
  • We have a seasoned and energetic leadership team with an intuitive understanding of our clients’ financial needs.
  • Frequent and highly secure communication between our team members, external partners, and customers.
  • We are proud of our enduring professional relationships and genuine personal rapport we have with our clients and external partners.
  • Careful monitoring and ongoing communication of market trends and opportunities, as well as rigorous analysis of potential downsides before they become problematic.
  • Our in-depth professional experience combined with a history of steady and measured growth has led us to where we are today, with over $400 million dollars under management.

Unsurpassed Client Service

  • Trades and buy/sell orders are accurately tracked and executed in real-time.
  • Our firm is proud of our high client satisfaction levels for performance with client retention levels > 95%.
  • Accurate, easy-to-understand summary reports are provided on a timely basis and transmitted via encrypted and secure platforms.
  • Team members are accessible and available for regular client contact.
  • Our financial advisors and planners represent their clients’ interest first and foremost.

Collaboration – Not Just a Word, But a Way of Doing Business

  • Our financial professionals are great collaborators!
  • Collaboration is not just a word on the page, but truly a way of doing business within our firm. Understanding they can’t be all things to all people, our financial advisors work as a team to benefit our clients. For instance, after meeting with a client, if it becomes apparent the client needs an estate plan, our advisors will partner with credentialed estate planning attorneys to develop a customized and personalized estate plan that’s perfect for their situation in life. And it doesn’t stop there.
  • Whether it’s highly specialized tax planning, legal issues, banking matters, a pension administration situation or complex buy/sell agreements for a company, our financial advisors know the exact moment it’s necessary to partner with experts in these areas to bring the best knowledge and expertise in for our clients’ benefit.
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