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Financial Planning

Financial planning is not a case of “one size fits all.” Our clients come to us with a myriad of needs unique to their lifestyle. Whether it’s to help them identify how to save money for their children’s college years, assess if they have the correct level of life or disability insurance, how to determine the income level they’ll need for their retirement years, or even how to purchase that dream home they’ve thought of for years and years.

Through these discussions and meetings with our clients, we help them understand the scope of their financial portfolio and overall financial health and ultimately assist them to identify opportunities for their future financial goals. Once our clients are comfortable with their financial plan, we review it on a regular basis to ensure it continues to achieve the goals our clients have identified for their financial success.

Investment Management

Our firm’s investment management philosophies include a customized approach where we manage investments under agreement of an identified Investment Policy Statement and strive to meet our clients stated financial goals. Each portfolio receives a review of allocation and diversification of assets, with a focus on a longer-term approach (looking at least 3-5 years in the future) along with a comprehensive risk/return analysis. Based on a client’s individual situation, our financial advisors may use a combination of mutual funds and stocks to achieve financial goals. Our firm practices a concept of a diversified active management approach with our client’s investment portfolios.

While our financial viewpoint of our client’s portfolios tends to be conservative in nature, we are also nimble and when we identify financial trends, we act upon them.

John D. Dovich & Associates, LLC is an independent firm. We are product-neutral and look for the best investments for our clients.

Business Planning

Business Planning

Whether we are advising a client regarding their retirement plans, retaining key employees or developing an exit strategy for when it’s time for a life transition, our advisors excel in business planning. Based on our client needs, we also work with our clients’ external advisors, such as accountants and attorneys, to help develop strategic visions for their businesses. Whether it’s a family or private business, our advisors understand the challenges today’s business owners face and look forward to assisting them as they work through their commercial opportunities and how that impacts their personal financial situations. Some of the aspects of business planning include:

  • Retirement plans including 401ks, profit sharing and defined benefit plans
  • Deferred and incentive compensation arrangements
  • Buy/sell funding arrangements
  • Key man life and disability insurance
  • Asset management
  • Succession planning

We look forward to helping business owners as they face each of these challenges. The principals regularly work with the other external partners of business owners, such as attorneys, CPAs and other professionals to help develop and solidify their plans for the future.

Education Planning

Education planning isn’t just a matter of writing a check to pay for the four-year college bill that might be looming over your future. There’s more to it than just dollars and cents, and our advisors and planners can help you and your students figure out the complicated journey of school applications, completing the FAFSA and so much more. In fact, the entire “college-bound journey” is more than just a 4-year decision. We’ve learned it’s more like a 40-year decision. Let us help you and your kids with this very critical time in their, and your, lives.

Not sure if you should use a 529 plan, a Coverdell or a custodial/UTMA account to help save for college? Don’t worry! Our advisors and planners have exciting ideas to help you as you plan for your children’s future education. We can share with you the importance of the college choice process and examine how important it is to select a potential career path (the 40-year decision) before choosing their desired school (the 4-year decision). Let’s face it, college costs are skyrocketing at an unprecedented level, and it doesn’t look like they will slow down anytime soon. Our advisors and planners can help you save for these expensive college years as well as help guide you toward other strategies to help fund your kids’ higher education plans.

Haven’t put aside enough money for your kids’ college? Well, don’t raid your retirement account! Or, maybe you’re thinking your personal income levels are high enough that completing the FAFSA and looking at financial strategies for paying for college don’t apply to you. You need to call us! We’ll help you develop the financial plan for paying for your student’s schooling…why spend more than you have to? Call us, and we’ll help you develop strategies to make the future financial decisions around your children’s college plans streamlined and efficient.

Retirement Planning

Retirement Planning

Have you just started your career? Or maybe you’re ready to retire in a year or two? Or maybe you’re just thinking about retirement, but are unsure of what assets you currently have and what you might need before you make this huge life transition. No doubt about it, there’s quite a lot of decisions you need to make when you consider your retirement and it’s often an emotional time, as well. No matter your current situation, we will help you navigate these challenging financial waters.

As part of our analysis of your current financial situation, we’ll not just study your current investment portfolio, but we’ll also look at ways you might be able to accumulate additional wealth through other retirement plans, including a possible defined benefit plan. There’s a lot to consider as you plan for retirement and we’ll have some real-life case studies to share with you, to help provide more “food for thought” as you consider your situation. Once you’ve developed a plan for your retirement years, you’ll begin to long for the days when you can fulfill your life dreams, whether it’s moving near the mountains, traveling with loved ones, or enjoying a cup of coffee each morning while watching the sunrise over the ocean. Call or email us and we’ll begin the conversation.

Estate/Legacy Planning

Our advisors will work with your other partners (lawyers, bankers, accountants) to help you develop an estate plan and asset protection program that will work for you and your family members. Estate planning is essential for everyone…maybe you’re newly married or are starting a family, or perhaps you’ve inherited some assets or property…developing an estate plan to protect your assets for your use and that of future generations is more important than ever. Through the course of our estate planning for clients, we will review any legal documents, such as wills, trusts and powers of attorney. Contact us for an initial conversation and let us tell you how to help you in this area.

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Insurance Planning

Insurance Solutions

Insurance is an important part of any financial plan, and our advisors can help you devise a strategy to protect your family and business concerns. We will do an audit of existing insurance policies and assess if you need extra life, disability or long-term care insurance to help protect your future and your generations to come. This is one area in your financial portfolio where you don’t want to wait until it’s too late, or when you need it, before having a conversation. Our expert insurance planners and case design analysts will provide you with options you never thought available or affordable. Contact us, and we’ll discuss your personal situation…it’s painless, and you’ll be glad you called!

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